Become a Neighbourhood Agent


Can you acquire well located, accessible and secure premises in your neighborhood or is your business a high traffic premises?

If so, then you too now have an opportunity to start earning potentially high income by applying to qualify as a member of One Network; providing financial and citizen services to the people in your neighborhood.

If you qualify and proceed to setup either a One Network basic service point, standard service counter or full service center, you will become a part of a new nationwide network of community based financial and citizen service centers, partnering with NIPOST to allow the residents of your community to have access to various beneficial services such as mobile money, bill payments, public identity, government, microcredit, insurance, online business, etc.

A typically One Network location is like a human ATM machine but allowing much more functionalities similar like that of a mini bank branch with the addition of the provision of numerous other value added services.

Already own a well located restaurant, supermarket, convenience store, business center, cybercafé, petrol station, etc in your locality? Then what are you waiting for? Apply Today!

If your location is approved, you will also need a service terminal or a POS Machine. Depending on your application type, you may also need to already own or acquire computers, fitted with camera, finger print reader, printer/scanner, reliable internet connection and power supply.

Minimal working capital is needed, as you will be provided with the applicable software, branding materials, and will be required to sponsor a professionally trained staff.

To find out how you can participate, please register your location HERE or call 07000-111-111 or 08151515111 .

**Please note that location type and allocation is strictly based on meeting pre-qualification requirements and a first come first serve basis.


One Network Command and control Centre at Zone 3 Abuja provides real time support to all One network managed agent locations.

Agent support and contact center managed via a closed user group network

For accessibility at all banks branches for service convenience, reconciliation and compliance


One Network agent identity and location mapping system provides detailed information about all agent locations and staff for activity monitoring.

Real Time Agent Location and Digital Mapping System


One Network‘s School of Banking Honors is an accredited tertiary institution by the federal ministry of education and the national board for technical education and is listed by JAMB and CIBN as a professional degree awarding financial services training institution.

SBH team have been conducting professional teller and customer service training for financial institutions for almost two decades.




One Network operates a command and control and agent support call center.

  • This is to facilitate continuous communication with and among agents, real time support from their supervisors or your bank’s call center as well as a reporting channel for members of the public.
  • Area Agent Supervisor Locations are linked through a Public IP VPN Network for effective data traffic and information management.
  • A dedicated team of One Network agent relationship managers are required to submit agent activity reports on a regular basis.
  • To ensure the proper monitoring of agent staff, One Network OnBoarding procedure includes the creation and verification of agent identity database linked to a biometric Identification system.