One Network Coorporative Model

One Network is a structured agent management organization recognized by the CBN of Nigeria and based on an implementation partnership between NIPOST, participating Financial Institutions and licensed or authorized value added service providers.

One Network is building technical infrastructure that will be used to manage a nationwide network of up to 160,000 neighbourhood agent locations that provide public access to citizen and financial services.

Location agents will be administered through an integrated network of about 4,000 agent supervisor locations made up of Post offices , Micro Finance Banks (MFBs) and Bank Branches.

A typical One Network neighbourhood location, is like a human ATM machine; allowing much more functionalities similar to that of a mini-bank branch, in addition; providing numerous financial related value added services such as the Mobile money transfer, bill payments, public identity, micro credit, online business solutions and much more.

One Network is the industry recognized structured agent management organization and cooperative for participating financial Institutions and value added service providers.

One Network’s agent services platform that can be used by qualified neighborhood agents to provide financial and citizen benefits services to members of their community.

Neighborhood agents will be administered through an integrated network of area supervisor organizations using One Network’s agent management toolkit in partnership with 1,200 Post office locations across Nigeria.


The recent approval by the Central Bank of Nigeria for financial Institutions to commence Agent Banking Services based on the approved guideline on agent banking in Nigeria creates a potential game changing opportunity for your organisation.

One Network Management Agent Services Limited is the financial services industry's recognized leading provider of agent management services with over two years of field operations and hands on experience in agent network management, an installed agent on-boarding and service support platform that can be rapidly leveraged upon for the rapid deployment of structured agent locations for the provision of standardized agent banking services.

One Network shared agent scheme ensures the sustainability of agent locations by allowing the provision of other related value added services at the same agent location. This also guarantees a better return on investments made by your bank at the agent locations.